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Division of Ecometeo Italia S.r.l.


EM INSTRUMENTS represents the Instrumentation division of Ecometeo Italia s.r.l.

Ecometeo Italia is an Italian company based in Garbagnate Milanese, in the province of Milano, recognized in Italy and abroad for the quality of its products which are available in 25 countries all over the world.

The analog and digital Instrumentation division operates in the design, production and sale of instruments for measuring and controlling of temperature, humidity, pressure and flow rates such as manometers, thermometers, pressure gauges, flow meters and thermostats.

All over the years, the evolution has led us to be able to offer, in addition to “classic” analog instruments, also a wide range of specific digital instruments designed, tested and produced on our dedicated models; we also guarantee an after-sales repairing and calibration service.

Ecometeo Italia guarantees reliable products, customized with regard to the choice of materials and processing methods that are very competitive on the market.

Since the 90s we have been adopting the “Quality Management System” in compliance with the UNI EN standards, guaranteeing its renewal over the years, and recently also adding it to the ATEX certification for stainless steel pressure gauges.